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AB Bulk Mailing software

AB Bulk mailer, worlds best email marketing software, with built-in email extractor, email verifier, facebook
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4 June 2013

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Most marketers today are aware of the fact that mass email sending tools are a prerequisite for any successful emailing initiative. While there are several tools available in the market for sending out emails, few of them can also serve the need of finding out emails IDs from the internet. If you are looking for a tool that not only send emails out for you but also curate email IDs then you need to look at the AB Bulk Mailing software 7.0 application. It comes loaded with a whole bunch of useful features such as email verifier, email scheduler and a power email extraction engine.

The AB Bulk Mailing software on launch showcases its neat interface and intuitive options. The application can be used to send emails in the HTML format while plain text format too is supported. You can quickly import the list of contacts to whom you want to send emails from Gmail, Yahoo or even an excel file and upload the same into the application. It allows you to add multiple emails IDs for sending out emails and it is capable of taking necessary precautions to prevent the email accounts from being blocked. You can choose to send the emails in a personalized manner for maximum impact. Besides sending emails you can effectively use the tool to source email IDs from multiple sources including Google searches and sites like YouTube, Twitter etc. Its email extractor engine can automatically grab email IDs from sites that you set it to target and its email verifier can work to ensure you have a clean mailing list free from redundant data.

Given its extensive feature set the AB Bulk Mailing software 7.0 earns a score of four rating points with ease. It surely does have the potential of gaining many followers in the online marketing community owing to its stellar performance and overall usability.

Publisher's description

Promote your business world-wide free and fast through AB Bulk Mailer Christmas Edition .. most popular email marketing software, bulk mailing and email scheduling software that sends million emails every day FREE using gmail, yahoo, msn etc or your web site and can change the destiny of your company within days.. Allows to send/schedule personalized/bullk mails in text/HTML format.Allows import/export of contacts from text files/excel/gmail/facebook. Allows to send mails base on day and hour limit. When your clients reply to your mail, you get informed on a single email address. Contains free email verifier that allows to verify your mailing list contacts and that verifies 5000 email addresses at a time.
contains free email extractor through which you can grab email addresses from any website facebook, youtube and craigslist etc and by using google search .You can also surf internet and grab contacts automatically. Designed for higher inbox delivery and no mail ID blocking.Automatic unsubscription.It allows you to send mails yourself. No need to hire people for bulk mailing agencies.Has a very powerful email scheduler.You can add multiple gmail and yahoo accounts to send mails free.Allows you to check bounced mails, inboxes, health of smtp servers. You can also add any smtp server to it and send 30,000 per hour. 100% inbox delivery. Allows you to send unique mails.has a powerful email scheduler through which you can schedule mail sending to contact groups Has a world class contact grouping.Contains free gmail checker that prevents accounts from getting blocked.Allows you to track what mails were sent. Sends mails with full intelligence.The software allows extracting mails from craigslist, twitter, youtube, facebook and has built in automatic tweet poster that posts tweets to twitter. The software allows you to promote your business by posting to facebook and twitter.
AB Bulk Mailing software
AB Bulk Mailing software
Version 7.0
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it is really next generation tool for email marketing and direct customer identification
ahmed musthafa
The product may be good and best. but the way it is promoted is very bad. why do you advertise as freeware? it is not a freeware. you can not sent messages
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